History of Cykyria

VR in the business

Cykyria our name and brand – built from the ancient Greek terms Kybernetica and Kyria – translates to „Ruler of the Cyberworlds“. We are focused on Virtual Reality since day 1. We’ve created several VR entertainment projects for trade fairs for business customers and games for useage with treadmills or simulators. We also did rental of VR equipment for trade shows and events. We made our first custom VR marketing experience in Germany with Oculus DK2 in 2015. Virtual Reality is an experience machine and therefore ideal for new forms of customer contact. Away with dusty brochures. Instead, customers should be able to try out, experience and internalize the products and their benefits virtually before they buy. Through gamification the interest in the product can be further increased.

VR in the game

Our first game VR Shooter Guns (2017) was made especially for Arcade usage. We use the Virtual Reality technology of Unreal Engine 4. Thus Cykyria’s founder Benedikt Engelhard supplemented an extensive chapter on Virtual Reality in the 2nd edition of the only German book for Games Developement with Unreal Engine from Hanser Verlag. We host the „Unreal Meetup Franken“ for Unreal developers as a possibility for network and further training. Due to the cooperation with the Nuremberg gaming collective „Project HIVE“ VR gaming grows together with eSports – a unique, trend-setting project. Our latest game Quest for Runia is an unique adaption of well-known mobile puzzle games like Candy Crush and Bubbleshooters in VR.

VR in the future

Virtual reality will change our lives and we will make it real. There is much more to come. Let’s reinvent reality!