Quest for Runia

Your brain-teaser VR puzzle game

Dissolve the magic barriers - three dimensional structures, built of cubes of different color - blocking your way to defeat the evil mage Karos.

Play Quest for Runia now on your preferred VR Headset like Vive Flow, Pimax, Pico Neo 3, NOLO Sonic VR, Valve Index, HTC Vive.

This inclusive Virtual Reality game is playable seated and one-handed.


In Quest for Runia you explore one of the most beautiful, spectacular and calming places in the universe - with gushing waterfalls, buzzing airships and glittering diamonds.

Everything could be perfect, if there wasn’t that mean little wizard Karos, who has enchanted Runia. Karos needs Runia's beauty - its magic crystals - for his evil magic powers and wants to destroy Runia.Numerous enchanted barriers block the way to the Castle of Karos.

Help Runia to keep its beauty and free it from Karos and his evil magic by breaking all the barriers.

The gameplay is based on a mix of classic Match-3 and well-known bubbleshooters.

Each level is a three dimensional structure, built of cubes of different color. They resemble objects, like e.g. a fish, but also geometric interesting and hard to solve mazes.

You have to cast a new cube into the structure from the magic wand. If it creates a chain of three or more cubes of the same color, the cubes will pop.

In Runia there is no time limit, but you have a fixed number of shots to clear the 3D structure barriers. Your aim is to find the most effective way to solve the puzzle by destroying as many cubes as possible with one shot and clear the entire barriers.

Earn three stars in every level by finding the most effective way to finish it.

You'll face very tricky levels, don't be fooled by the easy start...


  • Relaxing seated VR gameplay
  • 9 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese
  • 165 levels with growing difficulty and boss levels
  • Seven beautiful environments
  • Steam Achievements
  • Special cubes with fun mechanics, e.g.
    • bomb – removes all cubes in the explosion radius
    • lightning bolt – removes all cubes in one direction
    • slime cube – will spread slime to neighboring cubes
    • and many more!