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January 2nd, 2021

Oculus App Lab


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Quest for Runia is a relaxing VR puzzle shooter. The gameplay is based on a mix of classic Match-3 and well-known bubbleshooters. Each level is a three dimensional structure, built of cubes of different color. They resemble objects, like e.g. a fish, but also geometric interesting and hard to solve mazes. The player has to cast a new cube into the structure from the magic wand. If it creates a chain of three or more cubes of the same color, the cubes will pop. In Runia there is no time limit, but there are a fixed number of shots to clear the 3D barriers. The aim is to find the most effective way to solve the puzzle by destroying as many cubes as possible with one shot and clear the entire barriers. In Quest for Runia the player explores one of the most beautiful, spectacular and calming places in the universe - with gushing waterfalls, buzzing airships and glittering diamonds. Everything could be perfect, if there wasn’t that mean little wizard Karos, who has enchanted Runia. Karos needs Runia's beauty - its magic crystals - for his evil magic powers and wants to destroy Runia. Numerous enchanted barriers block the way to the Castle of Karos. The player has to save Runias beauty and free it from Karos and his evil magic by breaking all the barriers. The player will face very tricky levels, don't be fooled by the easy start...


Development of Quest for Runia started late 2018 with the goal to create a mesmerizing seated VR experience for the Oculus Go. Work on the game was interrupted several times by other VR entertainment projects for business customers for events and trade fairs. The pandemic gave us the chance to develop the game full-time. The surprising sunsetting of the Oculus Go, soon followed by the recent discontinuation of the Oculus Quest, was unexpected. We improved the concept and added player-suggested feedback and features. We have re-designed the game from the Oculus Go's 3-DOF one-handed user experience to a two-handed 6-DOF seated VR play. The game is equally suitable for both right- and left-handed players.


  • Relaxing seated VR gameplay
  • 9 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese
  • 165 levels with growing difficulty and boss levels
  • Steam Achievements
  • Oculus App Lab Achievements
  • Seven beautiful environments
  • Special cubes with fun mechanics, e.g.:
  • Bomb, which removes all cubes in the explosion radius
  • Lightning bolt, which removes all cubes in one direction
  • Slime cube, which will spread slime to neighboring cubes
  • and many more!


Trailer YouTube

Gameplay Video YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (33MB)
12_Quest for Runia - Flaming Ascent Questlog Wisdom Loot_by Cykyria.png
02_Quest for Runia - Evergreen Isles Ladybug Screenshot_by Cykyria.png
13_Quest for Runia - Castle of Karos Wall Diamonds_by Cykyria.png
08_Quest for Runia - Crystal Caverns Star Explosion Mine_by Cykyria.png
04_Quest for Runia - Castle of Karos Cage with heart_by Cykyria.png
17_Quest for Runia - Flaming Ascent - Nice View_by Cykyria.png
05_Quest for Runia - Frozen Fields Snow Red Crystal Screenshot_by Cykyria.png
06_Quest for Runia - Rocky Canyon Color Converter Rainbow Achievement_by Cykyria.png
01_Quest for Runia - Evergreen Isles Stars Screenshot_by Cykyria.png
15_Quest for Runia - Castle of Karos Throne_by Cykyria.png
18_Quest for Runia - Crystal Caverns - Mushroom_by Cykyria.png
14_Quest for Runia - Castle of Karos - Castle View_by Cykyria.png
10_Quest for Runia - Rocky Canyon Level Selection Screenshot_by Cykyria.png
11_Quest for Runia - Frozen Fields Snow Frozen Trees Screenshot_by Cykyria.png
03_Quest for Runia - Rocky Canyon Diamonds Karos_by Cykyria.png
09_Quest for Runia - Crystal Caverns You Win 3 Three Stars_by Cykyria.png
14_Quest for Runia - Flaming Ascent Vortex Hit_by Cykyria.png
07_Quest for Runia - Frozen Fields Snow Screenshot_by Cykyria.png
16_Quest for Runia - Flaming Ascent Swap Color Stars Karos_by Cykyria.png

download logo files as .zip (14MB)

Selected Articles

  • ""Fantastic little puzzle game! Trust me, you'll get hooked to it.""
    - INSIDE VR, Youtube
  • ""If you like match 3 type puzzle games and you like VR, then this might be for you.""
    - FastLawyer, Youtube
  • ""It’s definitely a relaxing feeling when you play.""
    - GamerQuest, Youtube

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About Cykyria

Cykyria is an independent virtual reality studio founded in 2014 by Benedikt Engelhard and located in Germany. We are focused on branded virtual reality entertainment and games for home, events, trade fairs and VR arcades.

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Quest for Runia Credits

Benedikt Engelhard
Producer, Lead Developer

Doris Conrad
Game Design

Magdalena Bienefeld
Developer, Technical Artist

Manuel Ermer
Developer, Technical Artist

Lisa Graf
3D Artist, Designer



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