Quest for Runia as NFT on Opensea

Quest for Runia enters the crypto worldAll seven landscapes of Quest for Runia are available for purchase on Opensea as NFT. The money raised will help us program more VR games.So if you want to invest in NFT, buy one of these NFTs, because each one exists only once. For…

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Quest for Runia

Aim and shoot magic cubes into 3D structures to pop cubes of the same color. Find the most effective way to solve the puzzle and earn three stars in each level. You have unlimited time, but only a limited amount of spells! You’ll face very tricky levels, don’t be fooled…

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VR Treadmills Review

Comparing KAT Walk Mini vs. Cyberith Virtualizer Elite 2 vs. Virtuix OmniThis video technically compares the most common omnidirectional treadmills for Virtual Reality: the KAT Walk Mini, the Cyberith Virtualizer Elite 2 and the Virtuix Omni.The review ranks these VR locomotion devices and provides an in-depth analysis of their ups…

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Welcome to Cykyria

Cykyria – greek for „Ruler of the Cyberworlds“ – is a Virtual Reality Studio from Germany.

We enjoy creating virtual worlds with the Unreal Engine 4. Check out our site and our games!