Endless Possibilities

Welcome to Sanity City – your VR cyberpunk multiplayer adventure.

Don’t own VR glasses? No problem!

You can play on your PC and join your friends in VR!

Emotion Machine

Create your own full body avatar in Virtual Reality

Become a new person

Create your own full body avatar in the Sanity City Character Editor.
Customize your looks – face, body and outfit. How about some fancy tattoos?

Slip into your new self – who will you be in Sanity City?

Big things have small beginnings.

Michael Fassbender

About us

Our hearts beat for Virtual Reality!

Cykyria is a Virtual Reality only indie game studio est. 2014 by Benedikt Engelhard.

Cykyria – built from the ancient Greek terms Kybernetica and Kyria – translates to „Ruler of the Cyberworlds“.

Our first game VR Shooter Guns (2017) was designed for VR Arcades using the Cyberith Virtualizer treadmill and roomscale play.

With our Virtual Reality game Quest for Runia (2021) we realized an unique gameplay mix of classic Match-3 and well-known bubbleshooter games in VR.

In October 2021 we announced our latest project Sanity City a multiplayer game with full body avatars set in a cyberpunk world.

We proudly work with Unreal Engine since day one.

Virtual Reality has changed our lives and Cykyria will change yours too.

Let’s reinvent reality!


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