Our heart beats for Virtual Reality!

Cykyria - coined from the ancient Greek terms Kybernetica and Kyria - translates to "Ruler of the Cyberworlds". The studio was founded by Benedikt Engelhard and stands for premium virtual reality from the Nuremberg metropolitan region since the beginning of 2014.

Our virtual reality know-how paired with different VR technologies allows us to break through new boundaries day by day and to realize visions with our customers.

We use the virtual reality technology of Unreal Engine 4, the latest VR equipment like virtual reality headsets Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Pico Neo 3, Nolo Sonic VR, PIMAX Vision 8K X, HTC VIVE Flow, Treadmills like Cyberith Virtualizer, KAT VR, Virtuix Omni and various motion capture solutions like DecaMove.

We use all components together for our full-body avatars. In this way we achieve complete immersion and literally enter the matrix.



Ben is the founder of Cykyria and obsessed with VR since 2014.

Twitter: @BenCykyria


Doris, co-founder of Cykyria, loves VR too. What else is there?

Twitter: @DorisCykyria