VR Treadmills Review in VR Trend Magazine

Let's walk about it

Ben, founder and owner of Cykyria, is in the latest issue of VR Trend Magazine with his article about his VR Treadmill comparison video. The article provides a brief overview of the video with the technical comparison of the most popular VR Treadmills: KAT VR Mini, Cyberith Virtualizer Elite 2 and Virtuix Omni. Topics include the walking concept of each device and a walking analysis. The devices have very different approaches to the basic "problem" they are trying to solve: natural walking in virtual reality. In addition, the video shows impressions of user-friendliness, safety and noise. Especially the latter is important - because without closed headphones, the loud sounds of one's footsteps in VR can be very distracting. Watch the technical analysis on Cykyria's youtube channel: VR Treadmills Review: Comparing KAT Walk Mini vs. Cyberith Virtualizer Elite 2 vs. Virtuix Omni